Become a driver: first the racing license

You must have a racing license to participate in car races. For this you have to pass a theoretical and practical exam. You can take this theory and practical exam at Bleekemolens Race Planet. Race Planet’s racing courses are certified by the KNAF, the Knac National Autosport Federation. This means that at Race Planet you can take the KNAF license exam, both the theoretical and practical part. Due to the high level of education, Race Planet has a success rate of no less than 98%. Novice drivers can enter motorsport from the age of 15, provided they turn 16 in that year.


Becoming a driver: what does it cost?

Any driver will agree that motorsport is not the most profitable hobby. That’s why it’s wise to make a realistic budget before you start racing. Can you bring in your own budget or are there perhaps sponsors who want to support your motorsport career? How much budget you need for a motorsport season depends on many factors. Think of costs for test days, registration fees, damage, tire consumption, fuel, etc. But also buying or leasing a race car. Team Bleekemolen can advise on this.


Become a driver: make a publicity plan

Some drivers are blessed with a large bank account and can fund their racing career themselves. But many drivers depend on sponsorship. Why should you be sponsored? Make a well-thought-out PR plan, possibly with the help of a marketing expert. Show your potential sponsors what the benefits of sponsoring are. Think of publicity, VIP reception during the races, the use of your race car as a promotional tool, and so on. Sponsorship is of course also possible in material form.


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Become a driver: the race car and racing clothes

Do you already know in which racing class you want to race? And is that class feasible with your budget? If you know in which class you want and can race, you can look for the right hardware: a suitable racing car and the right racing clothing. You can buy the car, but often you can also rent or lease a car. Every racing class has requirements that your racing car must meet. Read those regulations carefully before purchasing anything.

In addition to a race car, you also need approved, fireproof clothing and an approved helmet. The Technical Committee (TC) will check before each race whether your outfit meets the requirements. In addition to fireproof overalls and gloves, all underwear  must also be fireproof. You wear a balaclava under your helmet. Not yet mandatory everywhere, but more than recommended is the Head And Neck Support (HANS) system.


Become a driver: and now it starts

Motorsport is physically much harder than you think. It requires enormous concentration and stamina. A driver must be extremely focused every moment he or she is in his or her race car. Any moment of inattention can have major consequences. For yourself, for others and for the precious material. Excellent physical and mental health is therefore essential.

Making race meters and gaining experience is of course also possible on the indoor go-kart track. This is the most affordable method to gain a lot of racing experience.