Inspired motorsport enthusiasts give their first tries at driving high speed in some track day event. Mainly because they want to find out if their cars are tuned to drive quickly on a race track. They look into track days offered by car clubs, then get in touch with the organizer of a chosen club. Actually, track day is an event organized by motorsport clubs, where non-members are permitted to drive around in designated racing circuits, or in some cases, in an unused airstrip.


Track days furnish the best and most fun way of giving a race car a spin safely and responsibly. However, it’s important that only a track-prepared and legally-permitted vehicle will be driven around the circuit, since it will be allowed to run without speed restriction.

That goes without saying that appropriate permits for the vehicle and for the track day event, must be in order. As for the participating driver, he or she must have a proper driving license and must pay the required fee.

Popularity of Track Days Among Racing Aficionados and Aspirants


Racing professionals and enthusiasts looking to test the limit of a new car and without being wary of breaking the law, can do so during track days. Since most of those organized events are offered in different levels, racing newbies and wannabes are also provided with similar opportunities.

They will have the benefit of learning the finer skills in controlling and navigating their car or motorcycle. In most events, former racers will be around to provide some kind of tutelage. Learning about this hobby can likewise be achieved by talking shop with the more experienced track day drivers.

Learn and Earn by Becoming a Motorsport Influencer


Let’s face it though, being a motorsport enthusiast requires a lot of expenses. One way of monetizing this hobby is by putting up a website or YouTube channel and working toward becoming a motorsport influencer.


Share your own experience as a newbie, as well as the observation and feedback you get from the track professionals with whom you usually hang out at track days.

Make it a point to display your action photos, from the very first day you practiced racing your car or a rented race-car for that matter. During track days, there are track photographers stationed in different vantage points and curves, taking action photos. Such photos are generally useful for pinpointing areas of improvement.


A motorsport niche may not be the most trendy or popular, but that’s just it. You can corner a portion of that market by becoming one of the few who voices the interests and curiosity of many silent race car enthusiasts.


Don’t worry that you will not immediately gain the number of followers, subscribers or likes you need in order to be recognized by brand advertisers. It would be helpful to hire a professional social media marketers like smm-world as they can help you improve the number of viewers, audiences, and/or tweeters following your photos, videos and contents.


Just be a voice in the motorsports niche with a lot of engaging content to share with other racing aspirants and wannabes. In time, they will share and spread your track day photos, videos, tips and tutorials, whilst organically boosting your viability as a motorsport influencer.