Not all marathons and motorsports are the same. Road and mountain bike reviewsSo if you want to rely on training on the road as preparation, you should take these circumstances into account. There is not much point in simply lining up kilometers after kilometers and hanging on to your training partner in the process.

Instead, the mountains and climbs in the area should be your goal to get your pulse racing. Remember that an hour on the road is about 30 minutes in a marathon in terms of kilometers traveled. You should also read Road and mountain bike reviews to get ideas on how to prepare for the track.

Road and bike reviews: Work on your driving technique

Races do not consist of pure endurance work. Those who shine with cardio and can hold out on the bike for days still have little chance if they leave too much time on the technical passages. So if you see your weaknesses in driving technique, you should spend a good part of your training on trails and practice cornering as well as technically demanding climbs and descents. Here it would of course be a good idea to do a few laps on the racetrack yourself to get a feel for the surface and the course of the route.

Regardless of whether fitness is your strength, your driving technique counts above all else.

Even if no race is the same, every course has numerous technical sections and thus places a great focus on riding technique and bike handling. It is therefore important that you maintain full control with your mountain bike both in curves and on rough surfaces.

Road and reviews: Prepare for the track

Actually a no-brainer for anyone who really wants to take the race seriously. Find out about the route, the course and the terrain. If it consists of many single-track sections, you should of course spend most of your time preparing for single tracks and gain as much experience and safety as possible. Makes sense right? And if you are amazed at the number of meters in altitude – fold up your jaw and off to the next mountain. Whatever the course demands, you should be prepared.