Used, cheap sports cars are a good opportunity for many to get into the possession of the dream car. Even without a six-figure annual salary. We give tips on how to get to the sports car cheaply.



Sports cars have a very special appeal to many men – but of course also to many women. Whether it’s the latest 320-hp Ferrari or the fresh model from Italian luxury car maker Lamborghini, year after year wealthy sports car freaks spend huge sums to expand their personal fleet. But older, ageing sports cars and classic classic cars also find their customers. And how: According to motorsport magazine, lovers paid more than 120 million dollars to buy such a car in 2013 alone. A car that is considered a status symbol and investment for the future, because with each year the value of the vehicle increases.

Whether Audi TT, Corvette C4 or the Porsche 944: Lovers appreciate these cars above all the individual, characteristic design and the (at the time of publication) mostly state-of-the-art technology. Design, technology and also the racing history of the car, make the model an icon. An icon that gets more sought after the cheaper it is.



Many car fans dream of being able to call their sporty, elegant favorite car their own. Often, however, it fails at the price. Cheap sports cars, at affordable prices of less than 30,000 euros, are practically non-available under new cars. And for ordinary mortals, the latest Porsche or Audi sports car is often simply priceless.

In such a case, the second-hand is a remedy. At reasonable and, above all, affordable prices, they enable a realistic entry into the world of fast speedsters. Cheap sports cars, which come from the used car dealer, usually score with the motto: Hardly space, small trunk, but a cheeky muzzle and neat horsepower under the hood.

Because the “second-hand” cars stand for how one defined a sports car about 20 to 25 years ago and what was then “up-to-date”. Many of these pleasure objects are already available today for small, often very small money.


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When it comes to “cheap sports cars”, there are two models that no one is fooling: the Honda CRX and the Audi TT. The cute Honda coupes, reminiscent of squares in their appearance, remain unforgettable, not least because of their large rear windows. These cars are the direct precursor to the Honda CRX, a sports car that is very present in the used car market. Connoisseurs of this model, which first came off the production line in 1983, especially like the nostalgic electric roof, which pushes under the lid of the trunk. And tech freaks naturally appreciate cheap sports cars precisely because of their powerful engine.



However, when buying a used sports car, as with all used cars, it is important to pay attention to certain things. It is clear that the sports cars usually have already passed a few kilometers of extremely fast driving.

Often, however, the mileage is the very first thing the used car prospect checks, whether the object of desire is a BMW or Mercedes van for the whole family, or a sleek, high-powered sports car.

A lot of importance is generally attached to the mileage. Partly too much. Of course, this is important, but it must not be the decisive aspect that speaks for or against the purchase of a car. The mileage should therefore never be the sole purchasing criterion.