Circuit Guide

The circuit was effectively a triangle of the most roads linking Thilloix, Gueux and Garenne, two of that were terribly long straights pro cars with straight-line speed and slip streaming battles were common. Race organizers even cut trees and dismantled recent homes so as to form the circuit even faster. The circuit was considerably altered to bypass the village of Gueux, and lots of individuals currently consult with the course as merely city.

Today, the circuit is obsolete for athletics although as a public road you’re able to drive on the beginning end straight. The circuit, being designed on public roads, is well accessible to the current day, and has become a preferred place for driving enthusiasts to prevent by on a driving vacation to require many minutes to sit down within the recent grandstands, walk amongst the derelict pit buildings and dream of days elapsed.

Reims Gueux Circuit

Time Zone : (GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
Major Events : Disused
Circuit Length : 4.857 Miles (1925-1952) / 5.159 Miles (1953-1970)