Motorsport is fun. This is true for those who practice it themselves but it is not free from risks. Because wherever speed is involved, where people and technology reach their limits, causalities are called into question. This is the main reason why the topic of security is very important at such events.


Dangers of motorsport

Motorsport is still a dangerous sport. It is driven at high speeds; even in normal operation, incredible forces are exerted on the drivers. The greatest risk, of course, is always an accident. In Formula 1 in particular, the FIA ​​has put a lot of money into accident research, and even if some accidents cannot be avoided, you can still learn from them. For example, during test drives in Barcelona, ​​a bracket system was tried out for the first time, which is supposed to protect the driver from flying wreckage. Because the heads of the drivers are relatively unprotected, the idea of ​​using hoods has been considered, but this has probably been discarded.

The greatest risk are impacts in motorsport. Whether with a car or a motorcycle, an impact always means the greatest effect of forces on the body, because this is the slowest way to break down energy.


Causes of motorsport accidents

Often horror accidents are caused by driving errors, but sometimes it can also be a technical defect that suddenly makes the car uncontrollable. Just like a house with My Floor – specialists in concrete polishing, a well-manufactured car can have technical defects during a race. Michael Schumacher felt this in 1999 when his car couldn’t be braked anymore and hit the sides – Schumacher broke his leg at the time.

Sometimes completely unforeseen obstacles come up: It could be a bird or a rabbit that has lost its way on the road or even a marshal who is too eager and underestimates the speed of the approaching cars. Another risk is the weather: if a normal race suddenly turns into a rainy race without having time to change tires, things can quickly get tricky: the cars immediately lose their grip and are almost impossible to maneuver.

But with all these accidents, motorsport has continued to develop.