It is advisable to wear long underwear if you want to participate in motorsport even in high summer. Even if you prefer to cruise to the quarry in swimming trunks, long undergarments should be combined with protective motorcycle clothing.

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Why wear long underwear

Good functional underwear absorbs sweat quickly and distributes it evenly over a large area. The body moisture can evaporate well, creating cold that protects the body from overheating.

A pure cotton shirt, on the other hand, soaks up moisture like a sponge, the fabric sticks wet to the skin and hinders the natural air conditioning of the human body. And even motorcycle clothing with a climate membrane can only develop its effect if the heat and moisture transfer from the skin to the outside is not disturbed. Depending on the material, the thin synthetic fabric literally pushes the moisture outwards – a chimney effect.


Materials used for long underwear

The manufacturers of functional underwear mostly use polyester, polyamide and polypropylene as materials. Summer underwear should fit like a second skin so that sweat can be absorbed and transported evenly.

In order to achieve a tight yet comfortable fit, elastic fibers such as elastane are used in some products. They improve the fit but dry more slowly. These work perfectly, especially in midsummer, but when taking a break in the ice cream parlor, the driver cannot wear the top alone but must put on an opaque shirt. Some underwear, on the other hand, is as smart as normal sportswear. However, if the cut is too casual and the cotton content is too high, the laundry wrinkles, stores too much moisture and makes little sense as functional underwear.

Skin-tight cut: Safe for motorcycling

A skin-tight cut is not only of great importance for the body’s temperature balance but also plays an important role in safe motorcycling. The underwear under the suit serves as a so-called shifting layer. Serious abrasion injuries can occur if you fall. If, on the other hand, underwear acts as a shifting layer in between, the consequences are less drastic. A one-piece is ideal because nothing can slip here. Professional sports riders wear this underwear even in the scorching heat.