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Llandow was 2 Spitfires & Another World War airfield house Mark-1 and area of the Canadian Airforce. An area player having a vision for future years purchased an 80-acre lot, including exercises of retractable gun turrets and driveway air raid shelters. The Signal was opened in 19’s and motorcycle and vehicle race were frequent activities.

An interval of doubt used when lawn monitoring stock-car race along with a lamb obstacle course get to be the more typical uses for your tarmac, that was right now displaying it is age and be exhausted.

A move and competition school, some common screening held the website ticking over before owners and the inclusion of the Go-Kart track, resurfaced the monitor having a 9 metre wide strip of quality tarmac and got the dive. Bumps and the mounds were smoothed out, several interesting bends included and most of all the lamb eliminated! The continuing up-grade towards the structure remains and normal customers of the Signal are viewing an ongoing program on changes. The signal has become a well known location for track days.

Llandow Circuit Marcross

Time Zone : (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca
Lap Record : TBA