Speed cars, race cars, sports car – whatever you call it, these cars are all prepped up with the best gears especially when it comes to speeding up the car to its limit to get ready for a race. When it comes to gauges these cars are not really prepped up from the factory so you will have to somehow gear it up yourself. But you don’t want to install gauges that will sooner add weight to your race car. This shouldn’t be a problem if you get to install one gauge that covers everything.

Halleluiah for technology! Do you know that a simple tablet can actually give you everything you need like the tachometer, coolant, and oil gauge? Yes it does – a touch screen car stereo and a gauge all in one useful tablet.

Install a tablet in your race car in a few simple steps

Installing a tablet in your dashboard doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is a few hours. If you have a truck and a 6-cassette disk changer, you can install a tablet in the f-150.

Here is what you will need.

  • Small head unit amplifier
  • 12 volt socket
  • 2 port USB charger
  • Fuse tap with a 10amp fuse
  • RCA 2 3.5 millimeter adapter
  • Bluetooth adapter (optional)
  • Wireless charger
  • Zip ties
  • Compatible wiring harness for your vehicle
  • Cable slicers

You will also need scissors, screw drivers, wire cutters, and a crimping tool.

As you install the tablet in your car’s dashboard, you will notice that there are tiny differences as you go through the installation every step of the way. Every car is a little bit different so you will have to research and carefully plan the installation.

First things first, you will want to find the proper wiring map for your vehicle. There are several great resources for this information. A little research can bring you a long way. Before you do anything, it’s best to open up the dash, unhook the current radio and see what you are dealing with. Make sure the wiring harness your purchased matches the connections inside your dash. IF you are sure that everything matches, you are ready to start slicing.

Use the color codes on the wiring harness packaging to match up the wires from the head unit. Chances are they all have the same colors. Once you connected the wires together, remove the pins and wires from the plastic connectors. This can be done easily with a small screwdriver then take the wiring from your car that you found and repin your wiring harness to match up with the wires inside your car.

After all wires are installed, you will want to test it out. Remove the stereo from your car’s dash, disconnect all the hooks and attach your new wiring harness and your amp, connect the RCA to 3.5 millimeter adapter to the amp input, plug the input adapter into this. Connect your phone or tablet to the Bluetooth adapter and play some music. If you are hearing that music, you are doing great.

Check out the video for the full tutorial

How to install a tablet in your car!