As a motorsport fan, you are well-advised with a Formula 1 app. It brings all the important information about the World Cup directly to your mobile phone. You will receive news and live tickers directly via push notification and you can find out about the route, general statistics, the drivers and their qualifying times before each Grand Prix. In addition, some applications offer highlight videos and even paid access to live stream offers.

Formula 1 app – The Comprehensive

Formula 1 app provides you with everything you need as a Formula 1 fan. In the news, you will find new articles and news about the current World Cup every day. There are always fresh pictures of the race track and the events in the pit lane under photosResults provide you with statistics and information about the upcoming Grand Prix as well as lap times and positions in the currently running races. The live ticker is also very interesting. You can find this via the three-point menu on the far right. Here, an enthusiastic commentator tells you in detail what happens on the circuit during the races.

This app is free, but not ad-free for Android and iOS. The advertising is sometimes placed somewhat annoying, but is generally limited. It is also pleasant that the entire content of the Formula 1 app is in German. Unfortunately , it does not offer videos and live streams, but high-quality photos.

The Test Result

Motorsport fans are well served with our three free Formula 1 apps. All of them provide you with news, reports and figures on the current World Cup. However, there are quality differences in the details. Formula News shows you numerous English-language articles in the news feed, so you always stay up-to-date. However, there is no live ticker, photos or videos. It looks different with Official F1 . In addition to the articles, there are also highlight videos and numerous statistics. is the only app that is completely in German. There are no videos here, but there is a live ticker that informs you of all events during the race.

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