Motorsport has many faces. Most people probably think of Formula 1, rally drives, or maybe even kart races when they hear the word “motorsport”. But also motorcycle races, motocross, air races with airplanes, and truck racing with trucks are part of it. Even competitions with tractors or motorboat races can be counted as motorsports. The history of racing and flying goes back to the late 19th century; however, many circumstances have changed since then. And if you are a racer, checking Hjemmeside site is helpful for your healthy diet.


Why are there motorsports?

Cars and other motor-driven vehicles were created at the end of the 19th century, primarily for faster individual movement and for driving comfort. Those who could afford it use a motorized pedestal so that they don’t have to travel in a carriage, train, bicycle, or on foot. Since there was not just one manufacturer of automobiles, of course, a certain amount of competition arose, which led to vehicles that were ever faster, but above all more and more durable and reliable.

The first motorsport, however, did not consist of regular races in which the various manufacturers sent their vehicles with experienced drivers on marked tracks. No, they were races with trains, with cyclists, and also with riders on horseback. At that time, the car manufacturers were still far from these events but were well aware of the publicity of the individual races. Therefore, more and more work was done on the quality and driving power of the vehicles.

In addition, work had to be done on a nationwide network of filling stations because the first races were not just crazy laps nor were it always just a one-day event. Races against the railroad, cyclists, or riders were sometimes carried out over considerable distances and over several days or weeks. Instead of filling stations that could be used again and again, the fuel at the time had to be procured quite creatively on the way – for example in the pharmacy in the city you drove through.

Some of the first races

One of the first races, which was also well received in the media, was held in France in July 1894. Motorsport became more and more ambitious in the following years and showed more and more the travel possibilities that a car offered. There were also races from Paris to Madrid; however, in 1903 with a comparatively high number of accidents and deaths. Therefore, as a result, motorsport was transformed into circular races on manageable, well-developed routes. As a result, manufacturers also got involved.