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The Evolution of Formula 1

Formula 1 is a fun, exciting and addictive sport. It’s a motorsport every fan looks forward to.  It’s being watched and supported by almost half a billion people globally.  Because of this manufactures earns millions of dollars a year through their sponsors.

Formula cars are built for speed. The top speed for an average formula 1 car is around 230 miles per hour. This car is really built for speed.

For some there is an unexplained feeling of happiness and excitement when they watch their favorite formula 1 driver race around the track. Just like when you read your daily horoscope. Read more: projectspiritual.com

Compared to the first years of formula 1 racing. It is much safer now. It has been a sport loved by millions for almost 85 years. The cars have also evolved and are engineered to perform the best. During the earlier years of the Grand Prix it has been a medium for car manufacturers to show competitiveness and to sell their products.







Ever since there have been cars, there has been car racing. As technology improved, and cars became more numerous, European manufacturers began racing as a way of competing and marketing their products.

Before the World War 2, Grand Prix’s were being held in some areas in Europe. This is for the purpose of displaying the cars and to show the driving skills of the racers to the people.  The grand prix was put to hold in the beginning of the war until the year 1946 with the rise of the Germans. They had to put to hold this event since they needed all the engineers in preparation of the war.

The title Formula 1 attributes to the definitive set of rules in which the drivers and the engineers of this cars should adhere to. This is where the name of the event came from. It was in 1946 that the concept of a Championship for Formula 1 started. However, during this year until 1950 the races were not part of a regular schedule. It only took place for a specific purpose.

The Driver’s World Championship was only finalized on the year 1950. The first World Championship for Grand Prix was held in Silverstone in the United Kingdom.





Racing Video Games That Are Exciting to Play

Racing video games, “simulations,” if you like – have gotten a great deal of exposure recently as various professional racing series and their motorists point online contests instead of authentic race weekends. But we are never short of explanations to invest if you can hammer out virtual laps.  Some are far more realistic than others, however whether you would rather arcade-style games, even more hardcore simulations, or even if you have accessibility into a professional-level simulator, we guarantee every of those titles can provide hours of pleasure. And in our view, that is an extremely valuable commodity right about today. To add more excitement, click here for AFK giftcodes.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione is your official SRO GT World Challenge Series video game and will be the follow up to Assetto Corsa. There are not any supercars, no dull but trendy cars, only purely GT3 race cars. It plays an extraordinary caliber of simulation, breathtaking visuals, realistic sound, and supplies a couple of race styles, including Championship style, Career style, Specific Occasions, not to mention multiplayer mode.

F1 2019

Like preceding Formula 1 matches, F1 2019 is a fully licensed product which delivers all the teams, drivers, cars, and paths of the true season. With Career mode, you will have to push a few of the F1 teams and develop a reputation on and from the circuits, and also a fantastic improvement is the existence of the Formula 2 series. The latter provides a brand new set of challenges, letting you begin in F1’s feeder group before progressing into the greatest degree. You could even find a fantastic number of multiplayer options, together with daily challenges and eGame competitions.

Forza Horizon 4

If you prefer to bomb a grassy countryside or snow or via a lovingly recreated Edinburgh than you’d about a racetrack, the Forza Horizon matches are exactly what you’re searching for. As opposed to restricting you to a particular loop of a racetrack, the Forza Horizon racing video games show plops you down into a huge open universe based on actual places with countless road races, cross-country races, float challenges, speed traps, and much more littered across the map. There is an astounding quantity of content; it is difficult to get tired.

Forza Motorgame 7

Are you the kind that geeks-out on monitor configurations, vague race cars, and tweaking everything out of anti-roll pub stiffness to brake bias, however you do not have a four-figure sim rig in your home? The hottest track-focused Forza entrance will most likely be your own jam. We would call it an arcade sim racer, a racing video game which boasts complicated tire modeling, profound mechanical personalization, and real world monitors, but also one with features such as automobile braking and rewind for casual gamers.


IRacing is among the most common online racing platforms–view its own usage by NASCAR and IndyCar as the stage for all those series’ virtual rivals as of late–and continues to attract drivers. With a group of officially licensed automobiles, collection, and thoroughly detailed laser-scanned monitors, this is not a game for those that only need to get a controller and perform a few hot laps. iRacing is for serious players only.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed’s heritage has rested on shaky footing: Its contemporary offerings never really lived up to the pastime of Need for Speed Most Wanted or Need For Speed Carbon. But that changed using the franchise’s latest name, Need for Speed Heating.

Heat, such as most NFS matches, facilities around you (a wannabe racer) working your way towards the surface of Palm City’s street-racing circuit. Hurry through the day for money to improve your ridesrace through the nighttime to unlock new cars and components –just be sure that you are able to stay in front of the cops.

Vital Motorcycle Tools to Own

The moment that you buy new forklift, it already makes you responsible in ensuring that it is well maintained and checked regularly. Practically, it is the same thing when you own a motorcycle; more so if it is being used for racing. You ought to treat it as if it is your wife; you’ve got to love it, caress it.

This doesn’t mean though that you should be a professional mechanic only to give your bike proper maintenance and care. Still, time will come when it urges you to tinker on the bike yourself or perhaps, do emergency repairs. You can leave the more technical jobs with the pros but for the basics, you must at least have the right tools and knowledge on how to fix it.

Essential Equipment and Gears

Following are the important gears and equipment that you should own when doing basic repairs or maintenance on your bike.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Bike tires are among the critical and most important part of any motorcycle. Still, they are the part that is frequently disregarded. Problems may take place both from overinflating and underinflating the tires which can affect several aspects in the bike. This includes the bike’s:

  • Braking
  • Handling
  • Road grip
  • Impact absorption and;
  • Overall performance

With this in mind, it is important to ensure that the tires have proper pressure that can be checked easily using a tire pressure gauge.


This is one of the basic tools you should have but also, one of the most important. Make it a point that you always have a pair of Philips and flat head screwdrivers and get them in different sizes. Through this, you can prevent stripping the screws that you want to loosen up.

Quality screwdrivers have magnetic tips which prevent the screws to drop into openings while others have interchangeable tips that make it more portable.

Wrench Set

Undoubtedly, a useful tool to your motorcycle that’s used to either tighten or loosen the nuts and bolts in your bike. While ratchet wrench is quite handy and useful, you will definitely be surprised at how fasteners are placed between tight and difficult to reach spots where ratchets can’t fit. This is when you’d need to invest in combined ratchet ended and open-ended wrenches.

Motorsport: How racing drivers train


Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, and at least in motorsport, that’s 100 percent true. No professional racing driver can do without training, and even amateurs cannot just get in the car and drive off. So how do successful motorsport athletes train?


How fit does a driver need to be?

A good driver must first of all be physically fit. Motorsport is a strenuous sport, both mentally and physically, and the drivers lose a lot of fluids but also burn calories. Therefore, athletes have to eat a balanced and healthy diet in the training and preparation phase. You also need to watch out for your weight. Often you see pictures of racing drivers in fitness centers where they are building muscles. In addition to the leg and arm muscles, the neck muscles are particularly stressed, especially by the centrifugal forces in the bends. During physical fitness breaks, drivers can go for FreeTik to chill but must not spend too much time on it.


Advantage of driver training

Those who have completed the physical training then go into driver training. Most professionals can now be tested in the driving simulator. The advantage: The driver can memorize the courses and their characteristics and, during the test drive, collect important data about the performance requirements of the car. How does he accelerate out of corners, how often does he have to drive at the edge, and what is the wear and tear the mature? The most important thing, however, is to look carefully at the course and how which section of the route must be driven. Finally, it’s on the track. Outside the season, Formula 1 can be tested quite flexibly. In many other motorsports, the test phases are very important in order to fine-tune the vehicle and identify any malfunctions early on. That’s why the drivers spend a long time on the test courses.

There are also training courses for beginners, sometimes offered by private companies, sometimes by automobile clubs and motorsport associations. In these training courses, theoretical knowledge about engines, transmissions and the structure of the vehicle is imparted, but also practical knowledge and, of course, driving experience.

A brief history of motorsports


Motorsport has many faces. Most people probably think of Formula 1, rally drives, or maybe even kart races when they hear the word “motorsport”. But also motorcycle races, motocross, air races with airplanes, and truck racing with trucks are part of it. Even competitions with tractors or motorboat races can be counted as motorsports. The history of racing and flying goes back to the late 19th century; however, many circumstances have changed since then. And if you are a racer, checking Hjemmeside site is helpful for your healthy diet.


Why are there motorsports?

Cars and other motor-driven vehicles were created at the end of the 19th century, primarily for faster individual movement and for driving comfort. Those who could afford it use a motorized pedestal so that they don’t have to travel in a carriage, train, bicycle, or on foot. Since there was not just one manufacturer of automobiles, of course, a certain amount of competition arose, which led to vehicles that were ever faster, but above all more and more durable and reliable.

The first motorsport, however, did not consist of regular races in which the various manufacturers sent their vehicles with experienced drivers on marked tracks. No, they were races with trains, with cyclists, and also with riders on horseback. At that time, the car manufacturers were still far from these events but were well aware of the publicity of the individual races. Therefore, more and more work was done on the quality and driving power of the vehicles.

In addition, work had to be done on a nationwide network of filling stations because the first races were not just crazy laps nor were it always just a one-day event. Races against the railroad, cyclists, or riders were sometimes carried out over considerable distances and over several days or weeks. Instead of filling stations that could be used again and again, the fuel at the time had to be procured quite creatively on the way – for example in the pharmacy in the city you drove through.

Some of the first races

One of the first races, which was also well received in the media, was held in France in July 1894. Motorsport became more and more ambitious in the following years and showed more and more the travel possibilities that a car offered. There were also races from Paris to Madrid; however, in 1903 with a comparatively high number of accidents and deaths. Therefore, as a result, motorsport was transformed into circular races on manageable, well-developed routes. As a result, manufacturers also got involved.