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Like Racing In Another Universe

Mercedes will run this World Championship among themselves. On paper, everything spoke for a duel between Mercedes and Red Bull. Only one straight, but 14 corners. Among them seven under 160 km/h. Max Verstappen’s pole position from last year also indicated a close race between the defending champion and his challenger.
But then the disillusionment was great. Max Verstappen was 1.402 seconds short of Lewis Hamilton’s fastest time. More than twice as much, many attempted to explain why Mercedes had brought out most of its lead on the straight.
Mercedes W11 is not only fast on the full-throttle sections. Lewis Hamilton rubbed Red Bull under the nose: “Our lead surprises me. The chassis, the aero package, and mechanical grip count here.” Exactly the disciplines in which the opponent thought he had the advantage.
Comparing the lap times in 2020 with the previous year, it shows how Mercedes has improved. It is a good race by a quantum leap. Hamilton undercut last year’s pole by 1.125 seconds. Verstappen was three tenths slower than last year.
The Dutchman lost in all three sectors to the World Cup rival, which is now disappearing on the horizon. in the middle section with its many fast turns. Sebastian Vettel said after the show of the Silver Arrows:
“They don’t drive on another planet. They are traveling in another universe.”
Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was also surprised: “Red Bull was always a bank at the Hungaroring. We were counting on them here and of course, we cannot judge from outside what the problem is. It doesn’t seem to me to be a fundamental mistake. It looks more like they were wrong somewhere looking for the setup and the right upgrades. “
The Austrian now warns against the sister team Racing Point: “They are faster than us in some corners. Racing Point is now on the podium, if not for victories.”

A Mercedes championship

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to predict the rest of this World Cup or look into angel number 222. It will result in a duel between the Mercedes drivers. You will be lucky if you get fire from a competitor every now and then. Max Verstappen almost seems to have come to terms with it. “If the Mercedes continue to drive in this form, they will be hard to catch up with.”
Bottas did not look dissatisfied even when he ended up a defeat. From the fans’ perspective, one can only hope that there will be a head-to-head race between Hamilton and Bottas in the race. Otherwise, this World Cup could become a sleeping pill. In 2014, Mercedes installed an artificial tensioner in some races. This is when they sent their two drivers into the race. They’ve raced with different strategies but with similar superiority.
This was already discussed with the drivers at the first race in 2020 but was quickly rejected. According to Toto Wolff, it is too early for such games. “This approach escalated a couple of times in 2014. It would be negligent to do it now. We would look pretty stupid if we missed the points we could lose at the end of the season. Red Bull can still come back. “

Buying a Motorbike shouldn’t be that Hard, Here’s How

So, after weeks of riding, it seems that something is off with your bike. What seems to be your dream bike is now turning into a nightmare being uncomfortable to ride, too heavy to maneuver and God knows what issues it may have in the future. Rather than enjoying the ride, you start to worry that you’ll get into an accident due to the simple reason that the motorbike is hard to control. Eventually, you come to a realization to get rid of it.

Don’t worry, this happens only to those who rush to buying their motorbike and has not put much thought about the process. So to ensure that you will make the right decision, get your modem router combo, plug the internet in and do some research. Speaking of research, the following can give you a heads-up!

Seat Height

It is vital for any rider to try mounting on the bike first. This helps in checking the seat height and how do you think it would fair as you drive it on roads. Despite the fact that they’re now dominating the sales chart, there are a lot of off-road motorcycles and other adventure bikes that are taller and requiring longer legs to have effective balancing.

As much as possible, buy a motorcycle with the right ride height which lets you easily put your feet on the ground while you are seated for you may have to tip-toe and perform one-foot balancing as you hit city traffic.

Clutch Lever and Brake

Once again, not all hands are the same and are also blessed with powerful grip. You have to check whether the levers are soft and smooth to operate. This is due to the reason that some levers are positioned farther from handle grips while some are designed to be closer.

Foot Peg Position

This one will largely depend on the motorbike’s classification. There are some foot pegs that are actually designed to be lean a bit forward, rearward or middle. Race bikes on the other hand have foot pegs that are positioned to be a bit rearward while touring bikes or cruises have theirs forward. For any buyers out there, you have to adapt to the riding style depending on the peg position for optimal comfort and uncompromised safety.

F1 Races are Back with New Schedule for European Events

Formula 1 Racing is back but behind closed doors, which means no fans will be around to spectate the resumption of the events that were cancelled last March. The new schedule for the European race events have been published, which readers can find below. .

The first to kick off was the Austrian Grand Prix or the Formula 1 Rolex Grosser Preis Von Österreich 2020, last July 03 – 05. Dutch racer Max Verstappen snatched a victory, by way of a finish that was initially deemed not conclusive. Nonetheless, Verstappen’s win was confirmed by the board after conducting a more than 3-hour inquiry.

SKY Sports F! Channel covered the Austrian races and will do so for all other racing events. Fans will be able to watch the practices and races on a pay per view basis via streaming services. In the U.S., access to the Sky Sports F1 broadcasts can be streamed vis ESPN and ESPN2. Actually watching the races live at home has never been better, now that bars and liquor stores are offering alcohol delivery services, which is a perfect complement to the viewing experience.


On that note, it won’t be much of a surprise if Johnny Walker becomes the top seller, being the official whiskey of Formula 1 race events. The advertising deal was clinched in 2014, after Johnny Walker makers dropped sponsorship of McLaren. Apparently the partnership proved fruitful through the years, as F! Racing fans are scattered across the globe and able to watch the action via televised coverage.

New Schedule fOR European Formula One Racing Events


Chase Currey, the incumber CEO of the F! Racing Group had previously announced that the races in Europe is set to resume in July, August and conclude by early September.


After which, the new season will start on September and onward in October and November, where Formula One races will take place in Eurasia, Asia and the Americas. The plans is to finish in December in the Gulf with Bahrain. After completing 15 to 18 races, and following tradition, the finale will be held in Abu Dhabi.


Without further ado, the new schedule of the forthcoming European Formula 1 Races are as follows:


Styrian Grand Prix : July 10 – 12, 2020 at Red Bull Ring
Hungarian Grand Prix : July 17 – 19, 2020 at Track: Hungaroring
British Grand Prix #1 : July 31 – August 02, 2020 at Silverstone
British Grand Prix #2 : August 07 – 09, 2020 at Silverstone
Spanish Grand Prix : August 14 – 16 at Track: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Belgian Grand Prix : August 28 – 30, 2020 at Track: Spa
Italian Grand Prix : September 04 – 06, 2020 at Track: Monza

Formula 1 App, The Comprehensive

As a motorsport fan, you are well-advised with a Formula 1 app. It brings all the important information about the World Cup directly to your mobile phone. You will receive news and live tickers directly via push notification and you can find out about the route, general statistics, the drivers and their qualifying times before each Grand Prix. In addition, some applications offer highlight videos and even paid access to live stream offers.

Formula 1 app – The Comprehensive

Formula 1 app provides you with everything you need as a Formula 1 fan. In the news, you will find new articles and news about the current World Cup every day. There are always fresh pictures of the race track and the events in the pit lane under photosResults provide you with statistics and information about the upcoming Grand Prix as well as lap times and positions in the currently running races. The live ticker is also very interesting. You can find this via the three-point menu on the far right. Here, an enthusiastic commentator tells you in detail what happens on the circuit during the races.

This app is free, but not ad-free for Android and iOS. The advertising is sometimes placed somewhat annoying, but is generally limited. It is also pleasant that the entire content of the Formula 1 app is in German. Unfortunately , it does not offer videos and live streams, but high-quality photos.

The Test Result

Motorsport fans are well served with our three free Formula 1 apps. All of them provide you with news, reports and figures on the current World Cup. However, there are quality differences in the details. Formula News shows you numerous English-language articles in the news feed, so you always stay up-to-date. However, there is no live ticker, photos or videos. It looks different with Official F1 . In addition to the articles, there are also highlight videos and numerous statistics. Formel1.de is the only app that is completely in German. There are no videos here, but there is a live ticker that informs you of all events during the race.

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