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Anticipating the Potential Impact of Autonomous Cars in the World of Motorsports

The clamor for autonomous technology is rising with many contending that self-driving cars will bring enormous net economic benefits.

According to the people working behind the advancement of autonomous vehicles, driverless cars can optimize energy costs as well as reduce traffic congestion. Since artificial intelligence will be in control of the vehicle, car engines will be driven with utmost efficiency, whilst also reduce, if not eliminate vehicular accidents that result to physical injuries, deaths, and losses of or damages to property.

However, not a few professional race car drivers have expressed disapproval in the introduction of self-driven cars in motorsports racing. This appears to be inevitable, since tech companies and automakers are training and testing the capabilities of their self-driven vehicles not on public roads but on racetracks; rather than develop autonomous technology along the lines of training for real-time traffic, and in ensuring public safety,

What Professional Race CAr Drivers are Saying about Autonomous Vehicles

Lucas Di Grassi for one, a famous Audi race driver, foresees an impending doom once driverless cars become commonplace. He acknowledges the superiority of AI-driven cars, but warns that if driverless cars become common place, drivers will have less normal driving experience. As a result they will have less interests for race car competitions.

Another Audi professional race car driver, JR Hildebrand, who helps Stanford University students develop a driverless Audi TTS says, developments are still at the stage of cresting AI skills that will enable driverless race cars to learn on the fly, the way human  drivers do. Hildebrand says, the Audi being developed learns quickly, as it is now already within one percent (1%) of Hildebrand’s lap time. .

Hildebrand sees a different angle in the coming of automated vehicles in the world of car racing. He views the car racing industry as already stagnant.

In having driverless vehicles join racing competitions, the monotony can be broken. Granted that autonomous race cars can become super capable, a race between human-driven cars and AI-controlled machines therefore, could be the most exciting competition that can take place in the world of motorsports.

Highlighting the Importance of Including the Driverless Cars in the Business Plan

As Roborace CTO Bryn Blacombe puts it, there is a need to standardize vehicle hardware to ensure fair competition, especially in competitions where only driverless cars will be the entrants.

As a matter of fact, Roborace’s mission is to hold races purely between autonomous cars, which can bring game changing effects. Basically, such races are contests between software intelligence.

Needless to say, the advent of driverless cars can also impact the motorsports merchandise and sponsorship markets . Several organisations are predicting that by the year 2040, autonomous cars could account for as much as 75% of all automobiles produced globally by major car manufacturers. Many of whom are aiming to launch their first driverless cars at the market in the next few years.

That being the case, it would be wise for motorsports start-up enterprises to have a professional business plan service firm draw up their business plans. That way, the inevitable changes that autonomous vehicles will bring to the motorsports business will be included in the formulation and presentation of strategic operational and financial business plans.

Wearing Yoga Pants as an All-Day, Anywhere Garment Has Become a Norm

Women wearing workout gear as an all-day, anywhere outfit even if they have no plans of going to a gym has become totally acceptable and with some brands, quite expensive.

The growing trend has encouraged manufacturers of activewears to produce fashionable pieces that mix form and function. Even workplaces are seeing women in yoga pants, especially if they are the most practical garment to wear in a line of work where they have to bend, stretch and move about in all sorts of direction.

Yet most women who wear their form-fitting pants anywhere outside of the gym or yoga studio, also make it a point to wear lengthier button-up shirts , cardigans or Indo-Western inspired tunics. That way, they will not draw attention to the body-hugging effect of their leggings or yoga pants. In fact, the fusion makes them even look chic and fashionable, especially if they accessorize with bangles and beads to make their entire getup totally workplace appropriate.

Women Engaged in the World of Motorsports Use Kevlar Leggings as Choice of Outfit

In the world of motorsports, manufacturers of motor gear activewears have introduced a type of form-fitting pants called Kevlar leggings for both men and women. Made from 100% Kevlar abrasion-resistant fibers, the leggings are designed specifically as motorsports wear, since they come with adjustable and removable knee protectors as additional distinction. Although usually worn as base undergarment to regular jeans, many female drivers prefer to wear them like yoga pants.

In doing so, they do not come out looking too bulky but still provided with the abrasive protection in case she unfortunately figures in a motor crash.

There are an important tips to share with women looking to buy kevlar leggings online. If one knows she has a “flat” rear end, she can order according to the list of sizes; but if one is aware that she has an extra bump in her rear end, she should order the next size to give room for the extra curve.

Moreover, when searching for motorsport kevlar leggings, add [phrase incl. pants for yoga] in your search phrase to distinguish the pants from other types of kevlar garments. .

Why Wearing Motorcycle Gears is Important

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, a lot of motorcycle riders do not see the importance of wearing such gears until they get in to an accident. For instance, there motorcyclists in Florida wherein they do not wear helmet because they do not feel comfortable and it feels hot. Imagine you are in similar position wherein you are just wearing casual clothes without any protective gears, then expect that when you get in to an accident, you will have wound and other injuries. With that being said, the state of Florida has been very active when it comes to pursuing the pro-helmet campaigns  because of the increasing number of accidents and deaths caused by motorcycle accidents.

In the present, unfortunately there are only about 20 states that require helmet to motorcyclists and other states are still proving whether it is needed because there are instances when helmets and other protective became hindrances for a driver to focus on traffic because it is quite distracting and uncomfortable. In addition to that, some states say that even without the law mandating every motorcyclist to wear helmets, such increased number of motorcycle deaths must encourage every rider to wear helmets for their own safety.

With that being said,  healthy and safety must be prioritized and if you love riding the motorcycle, make sure that you have complete set of gears, or ate least helmet. Also, before purchasing, it is important to read reviews at  You Review It of the products you are planning to buy.

List of Protective Gears and Equipment Every Motorcyclist Must Have 

  1. Jacket – this is useful especially when the weather is cold. This is also to keep you dry during wet days.
  2. Pants- You cannot wear your every day pants when driving a motorcycle because it will not provide you with abrasion resistance.
  3. Gloves- gloves will protect your hand from too much vibration. Also hands are the first body part to touch the ground during any crash or any type of ground accidents.
  4. Helmet- according to studies, majority of motorcycle injuries and accident lead to head injuries. Hence, head must be prioritized.

Useful Home Gym Equipment for Athletes

One of the best things you can have in your life is to be able to work out and care for your body at home— like, not literally going to the gym every day because you can just take the fitness equipment at home.

Yep, you heard that right! Instead of going to the gym and work out why not take the gym equipment at home? In that way, it would be less hassle, and it would also mean more fun. Plus, you can also have the benefit of asking and inviting more friends to join you.

If that’s the case then you need a headstart on a few tips on what best equipment to use and invest in that is surely okay for a tight budget, or best suitable for the space you have at home. You can score a lot of fitness types of equipment on a nearby store or you can just find one online at Jymnex.

Equipment You Need to Have at Home

Having the right and appropriate types of equipment at home means you can also have a better workout and perform better fitness exercise at home. With that said, here is a few fitness equipment in Melbourne that you should invest in to start working out at home.

adjustable dumbbells

A gym’s mile-long rack of dumbbells can do great as you perform your home workout routine, but if you don’t have much space at home then maybe it’s not something convenient to get. Instead, you can opt to invest in adjustable dumbbells to tone and strengthen your muscles. This comes with a long storage rack that’s incredibly easy to lid under the bed or behind the couch.

Mini Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are the ultimate at-home workout accessory you should own, it is small and portable but highly effective. Thus, instead of using the longer bands these mini bands can still provide three levels of resistance for mobility exercises, stretches and more. This is perfect when travelling too!

Foam Roller

A foam roller is definitely the alternative to lifting weights to tone your abs. This rigid foam roller prepares your muscle for your next intense workout at the gym. It has three pressure zone to help in easing your muscle soreness and increase flexibility in your hamstrings, back quads and more. All you just have to do is to lay down in front of the TV and get rolling!