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There’s nothing like race day! Drivers, teams, and sponsors jockey for position against some of the stiffest competition the world has to offer each and every day of a major (or a minor) race, sometimes spending hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars in the process looking for every edge and advantage.

Pick Your Poison

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Professional racing today attracts the most talented drivers and athletes the sport has ever seen, but on top of that crews are absolutely overloaded with some of the most intelligent and skilled people ever seen on a support team before.

This means that every single race of their own cross all of the different circuits – including drifting, Formula One, rally car races, NASCAR, all the way down to a local drag race and the “peewee circuit” – is being competed for at the highest possible level, and if you love racing (or Motorsports in general) you don’t want to miss any of the action!

That’s why we have created the Motor Sport Circuit Guide.

The ultimate one-stop shop resource for everyone looking to learn about major (and minor) races held all over the world, this is your community source that you’ve been searching for!

Not only are you going to find schedules of all of the major and most of the minor races held around the world, but you’ll also hear driver interviews, insider information from pit road, and all kinds of other bits and pieces of racing and motorsport information that you never would have had access to before.

On top of that, you’ll become a member of the Motor Sport Circuit Guide team and community. This is an amazing online platform for people from all over the world to talk about motorsports and other racing related activities, and something that you just don’t want to miss out on!

Start browsing through the 2015 calendars now.

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